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  • 30 minutes !
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Affordable Car Key Cutting in London

When you need car keys cutting in London, Locksmiths Near You is ready and waiting to help. Whether you'd like to keep a spare to hand, or urgently need a replacement car key, getting your service set up only takes a few minutes and you can get the work done whenever and wherever it suits you.

Every Sort of Vehicle Key Cut

Your technician will cut keys for your car, van, bike or any other vehicle - and it's not just standard keys that can be prepared either. Transponder keys, electronic fobs, or any other sort of key can also be replaced. Some of the more common reasons for needing a new car key include:

  • The key has broken or jammed in the lock
  • Keys have been lost or stolen
  • The key is bent or worn and doesn't operate the lock reliably
  • You'd just like a spare key cut so youwon't risk being left without one

What You Can Count On With Locksmiths Near You Car Key Replacement

  • Key cutting in London is available as an emergency or pre-booked service
  • In any urgent situation, your locksmith will aim to be with you within 30 minutes of you confirming your service request
  • Your work can be completed at the roadside, at your home or at your office as required
  • Our locksmiths travel in a van equipped as a mobile workshop so they have the tools to complete most work in one appointment
  • Appointments are available seven days a week

Getting a Quote

  • Call us anytime to get a free quote for key replacement
  • You'll be asked about your vehicle make and model and the reason you need a key
  • You'll get a price for your work based on your description of your car type and the kind of key you need

You may need to provide documents relating to your vehicle or your own identity, the customer service assistant you speak to will explain if this will apply, why, and what you'll need.

About Your Auto Locksmith

Your London key replacement service will be provided by a qualified and registered auto locksmith who carries all relevant professional insurances. They'll arrive in a clearly branded vehicle, wear a recognisable uniform and carry ID, so you always know exactly who you're dealing with. Your work is covered by a six-month guarantee.

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